Renal Genomics – Translating the Potential

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Saturday 8th September 2018

International Convention Centre, Sydney | Meeting Room C4.9

0830-0900 Registration
KidGen Renal Genetics Symposium Program | MR C4.9
0900-0915 Welcome
0915-1000 Plenary Speaker: Professor Philip Beales, Great Ormond Street Hospital and The Institute of Child Health, UK
Manipulating cilia – identifying targets for potential therapeutics in ciliopathies
1000-1030 MORNING TEA
Genetic Disease – is there a cure?
1030-1110 Identifying New Genes in Structural Kidney Disease VACTERL
Professor Sally Dunwoodie, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, Sydney
1110-1150 Designer Vectors: Unlocking the Potential for Gene Therapy
Dr Leszek Lisowksi, Children’s Medical Research Institute, Sydney
1150-1230 The Promise of Gene Therapy in Eye Disease: Light at the end of the Tunnel?
Professor Robyn Jamieson, Children’s Medical Research Institute , Sydney
1230-1330 LUNCH
The Mendeliome and Beyond
1300-1340 Personalised care in glomerulonephritis
Dr Anna Greka, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, USA
1340-1420 Genetics of immune kidney disease: The lupus story
Dr Simon Jiang, Australian National University
1420-1500 Beyond the Coding Regions
Dr Brian Gloss, Garvan Institute
1530-1615 Update on Progress of KidGen Australian Genomics Flagships
Dr Andrew Mallett & Dr Cathy Quinlan – KidGen
1615-1700 5 minute oral abstracts with 2 minutes questions

EVENING RECEPTION – drinks and finger food


Sunday 9th September 2018

International Convention Centre, Sydney | Meeting Room C4.9

0730-0900 Registration
KidGen Renal Genetics Symposium Program | MR C4.9
Polycystic Kidney Disease in Australia
0800-0830 Patient Perspective in 2018
ARPKD Family: ADPKD Family
0830-0900 Update on PREVENT-ADPKD trial
Dr Gopi Rangan, Westmead Hospital
0900-0930 PKD Testing in Australia – a review of the first year
Dr Amali Mallawaarachchi, Garvan Institute
0930-1000 ARPKD: The path forward for a childhood disease of kidney and liver
Dr Hugh McCarthy, Sydney Children’s Hospital Network
1000-1020 MORNING TEA
KidGen/ ANZSN Postgraduate Meeting Combined Session | MR C4.8
Chairs: Chair: Stephen Alexander & Amali Mallawaarachchi
Genetics and Clinical Nephrology
1020-1100 Challenging Clinical Cases in Glomerulopathy
Dr Anna Greka, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, USA
1100-1140 Application of Genetic testing in Clinical nephrology
Dr Michel Tchan, Westmead Hospital
1140-1220 Update in Diagnosis and Management of aHUS
Professor David Kavanagh, National Renal Complement Therapeutics Centre, UK
1220-1330 LUNCH
What a genetic diagnosis means for families in 2018
1330-1400 Emerging Technologies In The Field Of Family Planning
1400-1430 Pre-Conception Carrier Testing, The New Frontier
A/Prof Edwin Kirk, SEALS, Sydney
1430-1500 The Power Of Patient Advocacy In Renal Rare Disease
Patient advocacy groups – Panel
1530-1630 Panel Discussion: Do no harm – the challenges of renal genetic medicine
Clinical Geneticist; Genetic Counsellor; Nephrologist (international speaker); Patient
1630- 1700 Poster/Abstract Prizes and Close


The ASM is hosted by Australian and New Zealand Society of Nephrology.

The aims of the Society are to promote and support the study of the kidney and urinary tract in health and disease, and to ensure the highest professional standards for the practice of nephrology in Australia and New Zealand.

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