The Nephrology & Transplantation Update Course will be held Saturday 8th September and Sunday 9th September prior to the commencement of the main ANZSN ASM on Monday 10th September.  It is an additional cost to attend and you can view fees and book HERE.

Full Update Course registrations include the dinner on Saturday evening, a cruise on the fabulous Sydney Harbour, additional tickets can also be purchased for this function for $100 including a three course buffet and drinks and a 3 hour cruise.  Day Update Course Registration includes daily catering,opportunity to book ticket on Saturday evening Sydney Harbour Cruise Dinner for $100.





Saturday 8th September 2018 – Day 1

0730 Update Course Registration
  Nephrology and Transplantation Update Course | Meeting Room C4.8, International Convention Centre
  Diabetes and its complications | Chair: Muh Geot Wong
0800-0830 Update in management of diabetic nephropathy
Sydney Tang*
0830-0900 Update in management of diabetic eye disease
Paul Mitchell
0900-0930 Update in management of diabetic neuropathy
Arun Krishnan
0930-1000 Update in management of cardiovascular disease in diabetics
Angela Wang*
1000-1020 Break
  Chronic Kidney Disease | Chair: Angela Wang
1020-1050 Blood pressure target in diabetic with CKD
Vlado Perkovic
1050-1120 Update in treatment of membranous nephropathy
Adrian Liew*
1120-1150 Transition care: From paediatrics to adults – processes and procedures
Matthew Jose
1150-1220 Update in treatment options in adult dominant polycystic kidney disease
Gopi Rangan
1220-1310 Lunch
  TSANZ-ANZSN Combined Session for Non-Transplant Nephrologists
Kidney Transplant Recipients
| Chair: Francesco Ierino
1310-1340 Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS): It is not just about proteinuria
Minnie Sarwal
1340-1410 Management of conception in kidney transplant recipient
Shilpa Jesudason
1410-1440 Cancer screening post renal transplant – how far and how long?
Germaine Wong
1440-1510 Update in vaccines in kidney transplantation
Nicole Gilroy
1510-1530 Break
Post Kidney Transplantation | Chair: Germaine Wong
1530-1600 Cardiovascular disease assessment pre- and post kidney transplantation
Helen Pilmore
1600-1630 Update in immunosuppressant management in non-acute kidney transplant
Natasha Rogers
1630-1700 Cross matching, DSA and Eplet matching – how much should you know?
Narelle Watson, Kate Wyburn
 1815 Board Cruise | Convention Jetty (in front of the ICC)
1830-2200 Nephrology & Transplantation Update Course Dinner | Sydney Harbour Cruise
Inclusive for Update Course participants.  Additional tickets $100 per person

* APSN (Asia Pacific Society of Nephrology invited speakers)

Sunday 9th September 2018 – Day 2

0730 Update Course Registration
  Nephrology & Transplantation Update Course | Meeting Room C4.8, International Convention Centre
  End Stage Kidney Disease | Chair: Carolyn Clark
0800-0830 Updates in peritoneal dialysis
Yeoung Jee Cho
0830-0900 Haemodialysis frequency and duration – which is more important?
Meg Jardine
0900-0930 Access surveillance – how and when?
Shannon Thomas
0930-1000 Does pore size matter? The evidence of middle molecules clearance
Colin Hutchinson
1000-1020 Break
  KidGen 2018 Renal Genetics Symposium / ANZSN Combined Session – Genetic & Clinical Nephrology | Chair: Stephen Alexander & Amali Mallawaarachchi
1020-1100 Challenging clinical cases in glomerulopathy
Anna Greka
1100-1140 Application of genetic testing in clinical nephrology
Michel Tchan
1140-1220 Update in diagnosis and management of atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome
David Kavanagh
1220-1310 Lunch / Advanced Trainees Workshop | Meeting Room C4.8
  Research | Chair: Angela Webster
1310-1340 Clinical trial in ANZ
Carmel Hawley
1340-1410 REDUCCTION – an implementation trial
Sradha Kotwal
General Nephrology | Chair: Angela Webster
1410-1440 New oral anticoagulants (NOAC) and chronic kidney disease
Carol Pollock
1440-1510 Update in immunotherapy and the kidneys
Jenny Lee
1510-1530 Break
General Nephrology | Chair: Carol Pollock
1530-1600 Practical steps in advanced care planning
Sarah Roxburgh
1600-1630 Update in managing chronic kidney disease with mental health
Kirsty Morris
1630-1700 Update in diagnosis and management of chronic allograft nephropathy
Phil O’Connell
1700 Course concludes


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The aims of the Society are to promote and support the study of the kidney and urinary tract in health and disease, and to ensure the highest professional standards for the practice of nephrology in Australia and New Zealand.

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