KidGen Renal Genetics Symposium 2018

Renal Genomics – Translating the Potential

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Saturday 8th September 2018

International Convention Centre, Sydney | Meeting Room C4.9

0830-0900 Registration
KidGen Renal Genetics Symposium Program | MR C4.9
0900-0915 Welcome
0915-1000 Plenary Speaker: Professor Philip Beales, Great Ormond Street Hospital and The Institute of Child Health, UK
Manipulating cilia – identifying targets for potential therapeutics in ciliopathies
1000-1030 MORNING TEA
Genetic Disease – is there a cure?
1030-1110 Identifying New Genes in Structural Kidney Disease VACTERL
Professor Sally Dunwoodie, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, Sydney
1110-1150 Designer Vectors: Unlocking the Potential for Gene Therapy
Dr Leszek Lisowksi, Children’s Medical Research Institute, Sydney
1150-1230 The Promise of Gene Therapy in Eye Disease: Light at the end of the Tunnel?
Professor Robyn Jamieson, Children’s Medical Research Institute , Sydney
1230-1330 LUNCH
The Mendeliome and Beyond
1300-1340 Personalised care in glomerulonephritis
Dr Anna Greka, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, USA
1340-1420 Genetics of immune kidney disease: The lupus story
Dr Simon Jiang, Australian National University
1420-1500 Beyond the Coding Regions
Dr Brian Gloss, Garvan Institute
1530-1615 Update on Progress of KidGen Australian Genomics Flagships
Dr Andrew Mallett & Dr Cathy Quinlan – KidGen
1615-1700 5 minute oral abstracts with 2 minutes questions

EVENING RECEPTION – drinks and finger food


Sunday 9th September 2018

International Convention Centre, Sydney | Meeting Room C4.9

0730-0900 Registration
KidGen Renal Genetics Symposium Program | MR C4.9
Polycystic Kidney Disease in Australia
0800-0830 Patient Perspective in 2018
ARPKD Family: ADPKD Family
0830-0900 Update on PREVENT-ADPKD trial
Dr Gopi Rangan, Westmead Hospital
0900-0930 PKD Testing in Australia – a review of the first year
Dr Amali Mallawaarachchi, Garvan Institute
0930-1000 ARPKD: The path forward for a childhood disease of kidney and liver
Dr Hugh McCarthy, Sydney Children’s Hospital Network
1000-1020 MORNING TEA
KidGen/ ANZSN Postgraduate Meeting Combined Session | MR C4.8
Chairs: Chair: Stephen Alexander & Amali Mallawaarachchi
Genetics and Clinical Nephrology
1020-1100 Challenging Clinical Cases in Glomerulopathy
Dr Anna Greka, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, USA
1100-1140 Application of Genetic testing in Clinical nephrology
Dr Michel Tchan, Westmead Hospital
1140-1220 Update in Diagnosis and Management of aHUS
Professor David Kavanagh, National Renal Complement Therapeutics Centre, UK
1220-1330 LUNCH
What a genetic diagnosis means for families in 2018
1330-1400 Emerging Technologies In The Field Of Family Planning
1400-1430 Pre-Conception Carrier Testing, The New Frontier
A/Prof Edwin Kirk, SEALS, Sydney
1430-1500 The Power Of Patient Advocacy In Renal Rare Disease
Patient advocacy groups – Panel
1530-1630 Panel Discussion: Do no harm – the challenges of renal genetic medicine
Clinical Geneticist; Genetic Counsellor; Nephrologist (international speaker); Patient
1630- 1700 Poster/Abstract Prizes and Close
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