Hugh McCarthy


Paediatric nephrologist & clinical researcher, University Of Sydney & Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network

Dr Hugh McCarthy (PhD FRCPCH FRACP) is a full time paediatric nephrologist and clinical researcher within the University Of Sydney and Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network. Hugh established and runs the NSW paediatric renal genetic clinical service. His research focuses on the care of children living with rare and genetic renal disease and the study of the pathogenesis of nephrotic syndrome both genetic and immune mediated. Hugh developed the UK National Registry of Rare Renal Disease (RADAR) as part of his PhD; he is developing the equivalent in Australia – Australian Registry of Rare and Genetic Kidney Disease ( to provide a trial ready platform for national cohort build and provide an informatic hub for families. His research spans the study of the psychosocial burden of genetic testing in the renal clinic to laboratory based analysis of the molecular pathways of immune mediated nephrotic syndrome together with the identification of novel genes associated with inherited kidney disease.