Reiko Inagi

Division of Chronic Kidney Disease Pathophysiology, The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Medicine

Prof. Reiko Inagi is a Division Chief of CKD Pathophysiology, the University of Tokyo School of Graduate Medicine. She earned her Ph.D. from Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan, in 1990. She has researched at Osaka University School of Medicine as an assistant professor (1991-1998), moved to Tokai University School of Medicine as a lecturer. She got the “Kimoto Award” of the Japanese Society for Dialysis Therapy in 2003. Since 2008, she has been assigned to the present position. Her recent professional interests are the pathophysiological role of organelle (ER, mitochondrial, and primary cilia) stress and organelle crosstalk in kidney diseases and kidney aging. She is a councilor/secretary of the Japanese Society of Nephrology and International Maillard Reaction Society, a Steering Committee of the International Society of Nephrology, an Associate Editor of “Kidney 360”, an Editorial Board of “Kidney International” and “American Journal of Physiology-Renal Physiology.”