Sunil Bhandari

Nephrology Consultant &  Honorary Professor, Hull York Medical School (HYMS) &  Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Prof. Bhandari graduated from the University of Edinburgh, trained in Renal and Transplant Medicine in Yorkshire (UK) and Sydney Australia.

He is a Consultant in Nephrology and Honorary Professor at Hull York Medical School (HYMS) and Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

  • Co-Director of UK Advanced Nephrology Course
  • Deputy Head of School of Medicine for Yorkshire and Humber
  • International PACES Examiner
  • Vice President for Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh (RCPE)

Research interests
Prof Bhandari leads in collaboration research programs based around:

  • renal anaemia and iron biology and point of care delivery
  • chronic kidney disease (CKD) progression (STOP ACEI Trial)
  • the effects of iron therapy on cardiac and renal function with a focus on uraemic cardiomyopathy and mitochondrial function