Yomei Jones


Manages the Return to Country

Ms Yomei Jones is a Melanesian woman, connecting her to the lands and seas of Papua New Guinea and the Torres Strait with extended Aboriginal family connections to Wardaman, south-west, Katherine.

Yomei’s background in education, parenting, and project management has led to her involvement in several research studies to support parents and children through better services and interventions in their communities working across the Northern Territory, the Torres Strait and Papua New Guinea.

Yomei now manages the Return to Country: A national platform study to understand why Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians with renal disease have a quarter the chance of a kidney transplant and a third the chance of treatment that allows them to return home. The research explores these questions and tests health service changes to increase the chances of better treatment, at home, for the 300 First Nation Australians starting long-term dialysis every year.